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Cover Letter

Hello We Are Lunch Money Friends!

Hello We Are Lunch Money Friends and WeWork Interior Design Team,

When I learned that you were seeking a new Senior Graphic Designer in NYC I was over the moon.

Working with other creatives, getting our hands dirty while creating and installing amazing artwork, and making sure things are running smoothly so everyone is producing their best work and enjoying it… SIGN ME UP!

My previous position as graphic designer and illustrator at Paperless Post was a blessing for sure. For almost two years, I designed and illustrated invitations and greeting cards. But, I always had a yearning to see my artwork beyond the screen. I would find myself jumping on any opportunity for design asks outside my normal job description. For example, whenever the office needed a new t-shirt graphic, or new mugs, or artwork to frame and use to decorate the office with.

I understand the power of space. How being in the right environment can inspire you and allow you to focus and work better. I know the important role leadership plays, in fostering a culture were designers can create their best work and feel that their needs are met. It’s with this understanding and experience that I write to you in hopes that you take a look at my credentials and experience. I’d be thrilled love to sit down and chat about design, process and working in a team and how I’d be a positive addition to your team.

Hope to hear from you soon,

David Gonzalez